OnOneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social MediaeStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social

OneStream Live Review: #1 Tool to Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos Easily Simultaneously

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90 / 100

OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media

OnOneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social MediaeStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social

Quick Review of OneStream Live



Pros of OneStream Live


Steaming to Multiple Social Platforms simultaneously -Currently Suppots 40+ Plantforms
Easy to use! No Tutorial Needed
No OneStream Live Branding-Customise with Your Own Branding
Live Streaming with Pre-Recorded Videos
Cloud Storage Integration
360 Video Support
Streaming Analytics
Excellent Customer Support

Cons of OneStream Live


No Direct Live Streaming option
Works with Only Pre-Recorded Videos
Can't Chat on Live Stream from the Dashboard
Free Plan is Limited to 5 Mintues Video
For RTMPS Platfoms like Instagram You need to rely on Instafeed to get Streaming Key

Overall Rating


Overall Rating
Excellent Easy to Use for Live Streaming with Pre-Recorded Videos at amazing Quality on 40+ Social Media Platforms all at once! So, it deserves 4.5 stars out of 5.


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Read the Detailed OneStream Live Review

What is OneStream Live?

OneStream is the cloud-based service platform which allows you to schedule & live stream pre-recorded videos as a live stream to 40+ social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch or any Custom RTMP Streaming Destination like Instagram Live.

How much does OneStream Live cost?

  • Free Plan
  • Basic:- $10 per Month
  • Standard:- $45 per Month
  • Professional:- $99 per Month


OneStream Live is a tool that lets you live stream pre-recorded videos on 40+ social media platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope. This is a great tool which can solve most of your live streaming related issues and can make live streaming a breeze. 

Why live Stream?

Since Live Streaming is hot these days and every social platform is promoting it better than the regular videos, 

Live Streamed videos rank higher and 3x more watch time on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram than regular videos.

If you want to gain more sale, leads, or grow your audience and followers then you must use live streaming on social media platforms. 

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The problem?


OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media
Live streaming problem

Live streaming is not that simple as it sounds. Since live Streaming requires lots of hassles before you go live, like Installing streaming software, Stream keys, Network Bandwidth and the quality adjustment by adjusting bit rate matching your internet speed. 

And if you want to live stream simultaneously on multiple platforms at the same time causes many tech issues like the complicated setup- Network Issue- Software Installation- High-End PC, High-End Graphic Card-Strong Internet connection and much more. 

But still, you can’t stream properly more than 2 platforms simultaneously if you are using your laptop or PC. 

Besides setting-up live streaming on a different platform requires different know-hows. 

And not to mention mistakes are very common in the live presentation and sometimes it can be fatal to your business as it can’t be undone. 

The Solution?


The solution to live streaming hassle

The easiest and fastest solution of all these problems is Live streaming with pre-recorded videos. 

Since it is a pre-recorded video, you can edit out any mistakes or blunder if any and then you can just upload it to one service which then streams it to multiple platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, periscope all at once easily. 

The best service at the moment is OneStream Live which allows you to do exactly that. 

Some of the Features of OneStream Live are listed below: –

  • Schedule live streaming, notify users easily. 
  • No worry about making a mistake with pre-recorded and edited videos. 
  • No worry about technical know-how
  • No worry about a network issue
  • No worry about bandwidth and stream quality. 
  • Just upload and boom you are good to go. 
  • Customise the way you want with your own logos, thumbnails or watermark. 
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How OneStream Live works?


OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media
How OneStream Live works?

Live streaming with OneStream is very easy. Just pre-record a video, edit it the way you want and upload it directly to the OneStream Dashboard or just upload to Dropbox, G-Drive, OneDrive or Cloud and it would fetch it from there.

Connect and choose the Social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope etc. and then pick a date and time for your live streaming and live streaming with your pre-recorded video would start automatically.

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OneStream Live Webinar


OneStream Live Review-Pros Vs Cons


OneStream Live: Pros


OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media
Features of OneStream Live

Multiple Social Media Platforms Streaming with ease

With OneStream you can upload you pre-recorded video and Live Streaming it to 40+ platforms at the same time. 

OneStream Live also allows you to schedule to go live with easy to select date and time.

 OneStream Live also shows you your live schedule calendar and you can easily drag and drop to change the live streaming or schedule or reschedule it whenever you want. 


OneStream live streaming Schedule option

If you are conducting webinar then OneStream Live helps you to do auto webinar at particular interval automatically. Just upload pre-recorded video and set to go live stream at a different time of the day without you doing anything. So, OneStream Live helps you get more sales easily with an auto webinar with pre-recorded videos. 

Cloud Storage Integration

OneStream Live fetches your videos from Dropbox, G-Drive, One Drive and PCloud. 

So, just upload your pre-recorded videos to the drive of your choice and it fetches within seconds and then you can set it up to go live on different platforms at the same time. 

You have 5 GB limit when uploading directly to the Onestream but with cloud integration, you don’t have any limit but your plan limit still applies. 

OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media

Customize live Stream the way you want

OneStream Live allows you to brand your live streaming the way you want with the ability to change Thumbnail, Add Watermark or Logo Easily. This helps to build your brand and if your audience already familiar with your brand then they would resonate more with it. 

360° Videos Support 

OneStream also supports 360 videos also so you can live stream 360 videos on the platforms which supports that like Facebook and YouTube.

360 videos are a new thing and it is getting popular day-by-day, so this is the best time to take advantage of this new rollout feature.   

Excellent customer support

Quick and fast chat support is what is integral to any service or product. OneStream has excellent support which helps you solve any issue if arises.  OneStream Live supports live chat functionality which can get your issues resolved in the real-time as they offer 24×7 customer support.

Besides that, the FAQ Section also has a great knowledge base so you can even take advantage of that and solve your query or issues easily. Though I have not faced any issue till today as it is very simple and easy to use this service. 

Streaming Analytics

OneStream Live also supports streaming analytics. You can check streaming analytics right from the dashboard but these are only basic analytics.  If you need in-depth analytics then you need to visit a particular platform.

OneStream Live Supports 40+ Social Platforms


OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media
Social media platforms it supports

OneStream supports most of the Social Media Platforms some of them are listed below:-

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Profile
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Custome RTMP
  • Periscope
  • Instagram
  • Mixer
  • Hopin
  • Stream
  • Smashcast
  • Dlive
  • Dacast
  • You
  • Vimeo
  • Wowza
  • Stage Ten
  • Bambuser
  • Mobcrush
  • AfreecaTv

OneStream Supports Team Members

OneStream Live also supports Team collaboration easily across your social media accounts. Just Invite your team members to join your OneStream Live account, to schedule live stream video content without any admin rights to your social accounts.

With the team management option, you can delegate the task of creating live streaming schedules to team members — Thereafter all you have to do is just review and approve beforehand as it goes live.

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Cons of OneStream Live

No live stream option

You can not do live streaming form the OneStream Live platform but it works only with the pre-recorded videos. However, this feature is due this year and it would be available. Though recording from camera option is available but it first finishes recording and then saves it on cloud and thereafter it can be live-streamed on various platforms. 

Free Plan is not of much use 

If you want to give it a try then you have to get the basic plan in order to get your self familiarized with all the features. Unfortunately with the free plan you can only connect and stream to one platform which refutes the basic purpose of using OneStream Live. 

However, you can try the Basic Plan with just 10$ and decide whether to go with it or not. 

No Live Chat incorporated on the Dashboard

This is a most important feature to interact with live chat for your live streaming but this is not yet available with OneStream Live. To interact with live chat of your audience you have to get the particular platform. 

If you could have this feature right on the dashboard it would be have been great.  So, many customers have asked for including live chat feature on the dashboard and OneStream have promised to look into this in the coming days.

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Pricing OneStream Live

The plan starts from Free and up to 99$/month

Check out the details below.

OneStream Live Review: Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos on Social Media
Pricing or Plants of OneStream Live

The free plan is not that useful as you can connect only 1 platform and 5 minutes pre-recorded video. 

Does not Support Linkedin

Though OneStream Live supports major Social media platforms but unfortunately it does not yet support Linkedin which is getting quite popular and lots of requests have been made by the Onestream Live users to include Linkedin.

Linkedin is a great platform to grow your business as videos and live stream is new. Which means you have less competition posting videos or live streaming. Though live streaming is not available to all Linkedin users.  You need to apply for the Live Streaming option first to do live streaming on Linkedin. Know More here.

Hopefully team OneStream Live would incorporate that also very soon!

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Which plan is best for you?

Try the free plan if you just want to give it a try and want to know how it works. 

If your video length is up to 15 minutes then go for the Basic plan and if your live stream video length is beyond 15 minutes then go for the Standard or Professional Plan

OneStream Live Lifetime Deal for Limited Time


Lifetime Deal OneStream
Lifetime Deal OneStream Live Review

If you don’t want to pay the recurring fee then you must check out the LifeTime deal of the OneStream Live

But this deal is very limited and I am not sure if you can get it this time but if you are lucky then you can get the lifetime deal for the Standard 

plan from AppSumo just for $59 one time payment fees and Professional Plan for just $118 one time purchase. 

OneStream Live Review of LifeTime Deal

This is just Amazing and a lifetime saving. If you want the Lifetime Deal click here or the link below to get it or enter your email below to get notified when this would be available. 

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Conclusion & Final OneStream Live Review

The live stream is hot these days and Live Streaming webinars can get you more sale and followers. Since live streaming across different platforms simultaneously or even solely is an uphill task.

So, it is better to use some service like Onestream Live which does this task easier for you with pre-recorded videos. 

OneStream Live is the best in this regard. So, if you are a content creator or business owner and if you are serious about growing your business and following then OneStream Live is a must tool for you. 

Try getting the Lifetime Deal form AppSumo here and if it is not available as it is a limited-time deal

you can try their regular plans which also offers great benefit and value for money. 

OneStream Live Audio

OneStream Live Reviews


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