How to Write a Marketing Plan in One Day- Save Your Time Free Course

How to Write a Marketing Plan in One Day- Save Your Time Free Course

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This course will save months of time – having to go through Books and Online resources, this course is a “One Stop Shop”


What you’ll learn

  • To create a powerful Marketing Plan that will change your Brand name forever.
  • Strong Marketing Strategy that will make your Marketing team proud.
  • Cutting-edge new approach to address the Elephant in the room.
  • Be able to teach your colleagues or students or friends.
  • Creative Content Makers, Writers, Company owners who want to look professional while doing a Business.
  • Comes with 12 Downloadable resources that will help you design your cutting edge Marketing Plan.


  • Pen, Note-book and/Laptop and a Willingness to Learn and Apply


What this course is and What it is not:

This course comes with 12 downloadable resources including my own project work example and ready to go templates.

What this course is?

This course will teach you in a methodical way to create the Best Possible Marketing Strategy Plan that will shine your Brand forever. The series of lectures divide the Plan in small pieces of Information that is easy to understand. Make your pen/pencil and note handy, so that your can write down the information that I illustrate. This lecture contains slides that is a brief information, which is further elaborated with the knowledge and experience, I have gathered in 10 years of my career. Make sure to understand the subject matter thoroughly, so that you will be able to write the Marketing plans for not only the Companies/Brands that you see in the examples, but also from any Companies or Brands of the market. I prepared these slides in the most simplest words that are easy to understand and remember forever.

After finishing this course, you should be able to write, review or approve the Marketing plan for any assignments or professional work. If you are a student, this lectures will help you to understand the Marketing aspects of the products and make your life easier going forward, as you will be able to crack complicated information with ease.

What it is not?

This course is not a quick learning tool that will make you a Marketing Expert right away. This course will require a strong attention to the Keywords that are illustrated throughout the lecture slides, which will ultimately help to understand the subject matter and to prepare the Marketing Plan.

A Marketing  Plan is the Heart for your business.  Without having a good Marketing Plan, a business is like a “ship without sail”.

A Marketing Plan is the roadmap that will:

  • Tell you what to do, step-by-step, in your business until you reach all your goals.
  • Help you identify the most important things you should be doing so that you don’t waste your valuable time and money.
  • Help you break up your key actions steps into small chunks, so that you can do a little at a time, until you eventually reach all of your business goals.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business owners
  • Wanna Be Entrepreneurs
  • Established small business owners that want to take their business to the next level of success.




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